Corporate finance

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These services are designed to strengthen financial management, optimize risk management practices, and support strategic decision-making to drive business growth and success. We can help with:

  • Structuring of issues for operating capital;
  • Advice on the stock market; 
  • Advising on the re-structuring of liabilities; 
  • Due diligence services; 
  • Determination of the value of your company;
  • Management of bank credit line; 
  • Diagnosis;
  • Commercial, financial, equity and environmental & social; 
    • Credit risk rating of companies; 
    • Cash flow to support repayment capacity; 
    • Structuring, comprehensive risk adequacy; 
    • Comprehensive Risk Management Manual; 
    • Credit Risk Manual; 
    • Credit Policy Manual; 
    • Credit Risk Appetite Calculation; 
    • Financial Risk Manual (Liquidity and Market); 
    • Market Risk Capital Requirement Calculation; 
    • Liquidity Contingency Policy Manual; 
    • Corporate Governance Manual; 
    • Operational Risk Appetite Calculation; 
    • User Guides for each type of Risk Manuals; 
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